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Oct 1942, Fording Trials at Alliston, Ontario, DND # 42-1-1266

Unknown date, firing on the range, Training Wing, Base Borden, Ontario.

Dec 1942, Experimental M-10 style Ram SP with 3" gun. DND # 73-10-6

Unknown date, Experimental steel shield, installed in at  27 Tk Tps Wkshp in Mostrel, The Netherlands. CT160131

Unknown date, Snow trials at Base Borden, Ontario. DND# 42-1-2264,

Unknown date, a very early Mk I. Note DND number 41-1-3604.

Unknown date, This MkI is shown at the US Army's Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

1943, Canadian Grenadier Guards, England

1943, Governor General's Horse Guards, England

Unknown date, bombing up with 6-pounder ammunition at the Meaford AFV Range

June 1941, the first Ram tank is rolled out at the Montreal Locomotive Works.

August 1944, Ram O.P. tank near Cintheaux, Normandy, during advance to Falaise

est. 1946, experimental Conger-equipped Ram

Unknown date, Kangaroo

Unknown date, early Ram Mk.I

May 1943, experimental Ram 3.7-inch self-propelled anti-aircraft gun

Air-tank cooperation training in England

Air-tank cooperation training in England

On exercise in the South of England 14 April 1944

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